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Picture 015In 1909 Atanas Burov, head of one of the most popular and rich family in Bulgaria, built in Varna summerhouse and wine cellar. The architect of the project is Petko Momchilov, famous for his buildings all over Europe. The house is in classical style and all rooms have a sea view. There are two huge terraces around the house, which looks like ship decks. For construction of the cellar was used unique engineer technologies for maintain constant temperature and humidity, without our contemporary technologies like air conditioners and humidifiers. The walls are thick about 2 meters and have two layers – carved stone and ceramic bricks, that makes the “refrigerator effect” and keeps the temperature in the cellar between 12-18 degrees all year long. The ventilation was perfect, through eight holes in the walls in the cellar, which leads to the earth level. That makes air circulation constant and obtains permanent fresh air. At these years here were produced wines for export to Europe.

Picture 021After 09. of September.1944 (when communists took power in Bulgaria), this property was nationalized and transformed to clinic for heart and pulmonary diseases. All the vine plants and fruit trees were destroyed, on the part of the property were built residential blocks.

After political changes in 1989, after hard and prolonged judicial process, the government brings back this property to owners. The estate was in terrible look without windows, doors, electricity.

Because time

turns all this into tradition!